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Dj pro X fader scratch crossfader 2 pieces

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The Best scratch crossfader period
Two crossfaders
Advanced 100% Conductive Plastic Technology
Unlike other fader manufacturers, we use true 100% conductive plastic tracks giving the fader a longer life as well as substantially reducing the bleeding of sound after constant usage.

Tension Torque Control
Allowing the DJ to physically change the feel of the fader to suit their needs… Whether it is a smooth, solid feel for that secure long mix or a very loose feel for the scratch DJ's intensive on-off cutting technique.

Customisable Cut-in Point
Using the easy accessible adjustable cut-in rotaries, the DJ can adjust the cut-in point to enable an instant on-off switch feel or gradual volume increase mode.

Interchangeable Mixer Interface
Using the correct connectors and face-plate, the DJ can Interface with many different analogue and digital mixer architectures from a large number of the most popular manufacturers.

Double Wide Fader Stem
Due to the fact that many cross-fader stems snap off after intense usage or whilst in transit, we have developed a wider stem to counteract this problem.

Professional DJ Endorsement
The Pro-X-Fade is fully endorsed and supported by many undisputed champion DJ's and Venues around the world.

Accessories and Extras
Packed with industry standard lubrication oils from Caig, adjustment tools and cleaning utilities to keep your fader in perfect condition.

Easy Accessible Assembly Housing
The housing has been designed to allow easy access so that the DJ can lubricate and clean the fader-pole without any inconveniences.