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لقد انتهت صلاحية الإعلان، ولكن وجدنا إعلانات مشابهة في سكرتارية في المرفأ.

I am looking for Secretarial position

المرفأ، بيروت تم إضافة الإعلان في 01:10, 19 أكتوبر 2016, رقم الإعلان: 101110777

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مستوى الخبرة إدارة
نوع العمل دوام كامل
المستوى التعليمي ثانوية عامة
الراتب 1,500
نوع المُعلن باحث عن عمل

Please note that I am looking for a vacancy and not an employer instead.

Over 20 years of experience in Secretarial position in different organizations and Banks within Lebanon and the Gulf.
Professional, mature, ability to work independently, ability to lead a large team of employees within the same department.

I am looking for a suitable position where responsibilities are major and challenging in terms of leadership and decision making, besides learning new experiences where I can grow my knowledge and add it to my profile.

Lastly, please note that I am not a classical secretary where I am requested to type 60 wpm but more into managerial and Business coordination tasks where job requirements are in high demand.

Appreciate a small brief or description about the company or office in order to provide my details if the position is suitable.

Thank you