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Nice apartment for sale in Mansourieh, 170 m2

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A nice 170 sqm apartment in Mansourieh, Ain Najm area is up for sale. It’s on the basement level in a fifteen year old building. The floor plan encompasses a living and dining rooms, a nice balcony overlooking the wilderness, three bedrooms with three bathrooms. Located within a calm town this apartment is still close to markets, shopping centers, shops, schools and hospitals.
Perfect for a family, this home is ideally positioned to enjoy the proximity to Beirut whilst enjoying the mountain weather.
Central heating and cooling systems are fully installed. This property has basement car park spaces for one car with full security doors.
Mansourieh consists of the village, seated on top of a ridge, bordered to the south and southwest by a river, the Beirut River and to the north by theMar Roukouz (St. Roches) ravine. Upwards to the east Mansourieh merges with Ain Saadeh and Monte Verde, and slopes downhill westwards to Mkalles and Sin el-Fil. Across the river to the southwest lies the Hazmieh town, part of the Baabda district. Daychounieh covers the southeastern side, facing Baabda and Louaize .[1]
Mansourieh is 16 km to the Capital (Beirut), 16 km to the Province Administrative Center (Baabda) and 12 km to the Caza Administrative Center (Jdeideh). Mansourieh slopes upwards from an elevation of approx. 200m to reach its highest at around 350m.

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