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Nikon Camera

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A full set of what a photographer needs.
You have 2 lenses that fit what ever you need to shoot from short to long range.
You have the ordinary one 81-55.
and You have the optical zoom lens 55-200.
Both lenses have Manual and Auto Focusing.
Also you have a lens cap HB-34 for the optical zoom.
You have the SB-23 Nikon Speed-light Flash.
4GB memory.
You have the case for them all.
The camera is in a very well condition.
But there is one problem is that the shutter speed is to be fixed.
I know I have deducted more than the amount needed to be fixed.
It’s not I can’t fix it but I need money for uni.

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Nikon Camera مزرعة -  3
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450 د. أ قابل للنقاش

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