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OBD II super wifi

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OBD II super wifi
Connect your vehicle to your phone or laptop wirelessly using wifi.
Supports any phone in the market
TOP product to diagnose and read engine faults fast. It can also reset the codes.

Mini WiFi ELM327 Functions:

-   Elder OBD compatible vehicles has a sticker indicates that the vehicle is OBD compatible. Model year 1996 and newer vehicles are compliant by default, and will not have this sticker.

  - There are some of parameters which could be read from the vehicles:

  - Vehicle Speed

  - RPM

  - Fuel Consumption

  - Engine Coolant Temp

  - Fuel Pressure

  - Calculated Engine Load

  - Throttle Position

  - Intake Manifold Pressure

  - Air Intake Temp

  - Timing Advance

  - Mass Air Flow

  - Fuel Level

  - Barometric Pressure

  - EVAP System Vapor Pressure

- Fuel Trim

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