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Office on Dora Highway/ RWI221

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Ray White International is proud to present this strategic75 SQM office for sale in Dora. This office is located in a well-maintained building very well located Dora highway and it has easy access from Metn and down town Beirut.

75sqm indoor, consist of:
- Generous Open Space
- Fully renovated
- Kitchenette
- High-End Furniture
- 1 Bathroom

- Concierge Service
- Easy Access
- 1 Parking Spot
- Outdoor Parking
- Private Generator
- Directly on Highway

Contact us now to schedule a meeting to inspect this lovely property.

Who We Are?
Ray White International is part of Ray White that is a global Real Estate marketing and investment company with 1,300 offices around the world and over 10,000 people working across many countries.
We have a team of exceptional leaders that is well trained and experienced to deliver tangible value to our clients through a network of local and international locations.

Office on Dora Highway/ RWI221 الدورة -  2
Office on Dora Highway/ RWI221 الدورة -  3
Office on Dora Highway/ RWI221 الدورة -  4

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