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Organic Soap - Good Mood 4-Soap Pack

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Industrial chemicals have ruined almost all products around us, even soap. Soap has faced chemical industrial additives that reduce its quality, so it no more joins rich foaming, nice scent and natural content.

Industrial chemicals that trap fragrance and harden the soap reduce its foaming volume. Therefore, industrial soap will have to include more artificial lathering chemicals which are rather carcinogenic. Eventually, the bar - after few washes - will end up a scented block of non-cleansing possibly carcinogenic and allergic material.

Here's why GOOD MOOD is different. Its hand made all-natural components, fine cleansing, rich foaming, lasting scents, and a honey-herbal soothing touch.

GOOD MOOD holds the quality of the Lebanese traditional soap and its natural organic non-carcinogenic and non-allergic components in a modern layout and special scents.

In short, GOOD MOOD, is nature packed in products.