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Professinal diagnostic service tool, scanner

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550 د. أ
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Autocom cdp+ made in sweden is the best universal tool for technicians & dealers with lots of special unique fonctions that makes it number 1 (not like launch , xtool or some other chinese tools in town) .
*It can works with cars and trucks.
*cars: it is compatible with 52 different brands.
*trucks: it s compatible with 39 different brands.
*the flight recorder function with a press of a button collect errors in real time driving so you can check the errors later.
*it has special function (intelligent system scan, intelligent system identification , chassis number VIN , professionel report function, data logging,coding,configurations,injector coding,service reset,adjustments & calibrations, adaptation & actuation ...etc).
*it came with advanced bluetooth with particulary strong software coverage + complete range of car connectors to suit wide range of models like mercedes,volvo,renault, fiat, psa group...
* wide system coverage :
- engine : exhaust treatment,fuel system,ignition system etc.
- brakes : ABS, ESP etc.
- security : immobilizer , alarm etc
- service : reset maintenance intervals , brakes , service messages , air dryer reset etc.
- trailers : Wabco,Knorr,Haldex
- transmission : gearbox , 4wd , differential etc
- safety : airbag , safety belts , etc
- emission : emissions , particle filter , adblue
- air suspension : air suspension calibration
* we will test it before delivery and we will support installation of software and firmware updates.