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Sales Representative

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An energetic and young sales representative, looking to contribute to an ongoing project for the long term, is needed for a small size company in Beirut.

The job requires that the person has/or be able to:
1. Time management skills,
2. Meet with clients,
3. Maintain good relationships with partners and clients alike,
4. Be directly involved in presenting and preparing offers, ideas, and feedback on methods we use.

Please do not apply, if:
1. You believe a degree is what mostly qualifies you for a job.
2. If you only work by the book and what we tell you, without adding to our ideas.
3. If you are not interested in becoming part of a new company working to get bigger with your help.

Please do apply, even if:
1. You don't have a degree in business, but still think that this is what you do best.
2. You think your gender or marital status might stop us from offering you the job. Trust us, it won't.
3. You haven't graduated yet, but you believe you can add to our ideas and work.

Salary is determined after our meeting and when we get to know you. Please do not contact us if you wish to ask about this, we're not providing any details on this matter.

Forward your CV via email with the subject: "Seeking Sales Vacancy" - all other messages will be neglected. Don't forget to mention your name and anything you would like us to know about yourself. We do encourage that you tell us something interesting on why you responded to this ad, and try your best to be honest (in English or Arabic).

**Please do not send a professional sample paragraph you found through a Google search and been using for all the jobs you applied to**