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TPK Back Saver Wallet

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The Back Saver Wallet® is a true thin Front Pocket Wallet. Because of its construction it always folds flat and slips into a front pocket. It is 60% thinner when full. No Bulk, No Bulge.
All wallets come complete with spring money clip. Made in USA!
TPK Full Grain leather products burnish and beautify over time. Newly purchased Full Grain leather products have a dull, flat finish. But as the product is used, the surface of the leather ages and takes on a richer color and a natural sheen to its finish. It's more proof of TPK quality: Full Grain leather products that actually improve with age!
Full Grain Leather is the best leather money can buy. Because it is taken from the top layer of the hide, the natural markings and grain characteristics remain intact. Both cow and buffalo full grain leathers are extremely strong and durable.The natural surface of full grain leathers burnish and beautify with use.

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